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By day, I'm a personal injury attorney, helping those who have been injured in accidents.  Several years ago after an law conference in New York, I purchased my first Canon DSLR and booked a walking photography tour through Manhattan.  Since then, I've spent my "free" time learning, shooting, editing, and building my skill set and portfolio.  

I love landscapes and architecture, finding raw beauty in nature and perfect symmetry in man-made creations.  But there is nothing as thrilling or as satisfying as capturing a little girl's laughing eyes, a happy couple's clasped hands, a perfect moment frozen in time.  Because photography is my passion, and not my primary source of income, I have limited time to devote to my projects.  I'm selective in what and who I choose to shoot, but that means that I truly love those projects.  If you'd like to be a part of my work or are interested in purchasing or displaying any of my pieces, please contact me.  


Atlanta Celebrates Photography Exhibit    Decatur Public Library, Decatur, Georgia

OCTOBER 1 - 31, 2017

Atlanta School of Photography

Atlanta, Georgia


FEBRUARY 16 - APRIL 21, 2018




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